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    Entrance console tables ideas less than 100$

    Empty entryway? it is not nice right , you feel there is something missing , you feel there is some space that you have to fill in , or you just want to enter your house and just see something not an empty wall,but at the same time you feel this space , this corner of your house should not take a priority while you have other things to worry about like your living room , bedroom or your kitchen. That’s why I looked for your , some items that are just affordable for your entry and looks very nice , below console table that i found on Amazon are…

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    Why not adding some yellow in it ?

      Shop this look Some of yellowish in a living room will be just stunning to add some spirit in the room.I Chose some of Amazon items that i find suitable to make this room just perfect to look at , sit in and relax. If you like any item just click on it and you will be directed to the resource Have you such a beautiful antique style black chandelier and thought oh that only will suit a farmhouse ….mmm Maybe but look at this design it is so modern but yet you can some antiques in it to look just perfect. I sometime like to mix some styles…

  • Have some tropical vibes in your home

    Have some Tropical vibes

    Do you have a dull home , that all what you feel is there is no spirit in this living room or you ask yourself what should I do for my bedroom to look nicer? I am going to give an inspiration…..have some TROPICAL vibes. I believe that you don’t have to live in a tropical beach house to have this look in your house , personally I live in a city that has no sea or lake in it , all what we have building with flats we live in it , so I have a lack for this kind of atmosphere, if you are like me give it…

  • Tips

    More than one use for your toothbrush

    Have you ever looked at your toothbrush and though mmm how can use I use it for other thing? Once hearing of a tooth brush , the second thing you think about is a paste and your teeth are getting cleaned right? but this is not the only use for your toothbrush , there several ways you can get benefit of from your used brush or even a new one…..let’s start with: 1.Cleaning for small little things: What are these little thing that can be cleaned with this used toothbrush: Jewelry Your hairdryer Your keyboard Your shoes Your bike chains your little cute puppy   2.Cleaning your shoes or even…

  • Coastal gold bedroom
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    Breezy gold bedroom

    Check out this beautiful design I made out of Amazon finds for a coastal breeze bedroom , perfect for those who love calm colors and gold accents at the same time. I mixed some of the coastal color shades with gold and black accents. check out all the items I used in the design . The images will direct your to amazon by affiliate links so click on them and make me happy. check out this beautiful goldish ottoman , which is not only for sitting or throwing things on in , it is also a storage box which you can save whatever you want in it. what is better than adding…

  • hanging swing for 2 people

    Hang it on and swing all day long

    swing all day long is not a bad idea specially after a long tiring day at work , you need to relax , make some time to your self , take a nap , read a book.so why not doing all these things in one place and actually on a swing. Hang it on and swing all day on these beautiful swing hanging chair inspiration I found.       @classyinteriors / @marzena.marideko   @passion4interior / @lady_stil   @passion4interior /  @laid_back_farmhouse @passion4interior /  @norwegianfairytale   @passion4interior /  @oliv.home   @classyinteriors /  @hanas_home @bohemiandecor / @reserve_home Check out these below swing hanging chairs I found on Amazon , just click on whatever image…

  • Extra home accents

    Extra home accents you will love to have

    You furnished your home , you have all needed items that you must have in any home , but what if you have an extra’s that will just make you more comfortable , happy and relaxed? I think this is a worth thinking question . So , if you already have all must have items , now it’s the time to take a look for an extra home accents that you will definitely will love to have at your beautiful home. 1.Hanging chair: look how pretty is the look for this hanging chair in your bedroom or living room , you just hang in it and turn around or swing…

  • Rustic lantern
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    Teal your dining room

    You are  rustic style person, you have many wood colors in your home but you feel there is something missing with it , I will let you know the right answer…..TEAL IT. I have created a design style for your dining room and chose some products from amazon, check them out…you can just click on any product you love and you will be directed to amazon website. So, lets begin, the teal color goes just perfectly with woods, in this design style I added two perfectly match colors that would go amazing in your rustic style home ,Teal color and gold….check it and SHOP THIS LOOK. Add a dining room…

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    Steps to make your home full of memories

    We all love memories , some of make us laugh , some make us cry , and some  makes us want so many memories with someone we love , we love making and creating memories with this special one , it should be a friend , a family , a husband , wife. For whoever you love ,start creating memories. I have to admit it , I sometime hate technology I do really hate it since social media and digital camera , smart phones launches I personally stopped seeing real images in our home , it is all saved on a laptop or in flash memory dropped in one of…

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    Bathroom farmhouse best finds

    Check this out , a farmhouse rustic accents for your bathroom. I find these accents will just look great especially if you have a dull white bathroom with some vintage touch you can add some of these accents and it will make it completed. my favorite item is the toothbrush holder which you can order from it many  , and put it in your home for multi used. you can use it in your bathroom as a toothbrush holder , or in you hallway as a flower holders , in you bedroom as a straighter holder , you can just make this up. my second favorite one is the farmhouse…