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Hellooooo there 🙂

Let me tell you this, I was bored enough to search on google what should I do while sitting home? Yes that was the question sadly!

I am Christine from Jordan. I got married last year in the 28th of July to the love of my life Zaid , we knew each other for 7 years until we finally tied the knot in our most beautiful day to remember for the rest of our lives.

The sad part is that Zaid is in Qatar and am still living with my parents and my two little sister Natalie & Jessica (btw am the bigger one) until the residency permission is approved and I can follow him,  NOW the good part is that I quit my job and started feeling useless until I pop out that question on google and found the answer…start making a blog…SO I came with this blog idea (Darmaze).

From where I came with this name?

“Dar” is an Arabic word which means home, so now you have just learned the first Arabic word wohoo!! , and Maze is a collection of paths that you have to go through until you meat your GOAL.

The word of this blog is related for whom I am willing to create it.

If you are are a couple getting married soon this blog is for you.

The MAZE you will be going through for furnishing for your new sweet home can be found here, I know how much it is overwhelmed for you to start thinking how to start furnishing your home from A to Z without missing anything needed at least.

In this blog , I Will help you to easily furnish your home, try to inspire you with some decoration tips to your home without feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it is so much easier than you can think or imagine.


You will be given a checklist for every room in your house with all the needed and “must-have” things, a plan from where to start and how to start searching for your furniture, dĂ©cor , accessories and more .

I will be with you from the day you will start hunting for things , until the day you move in to your new home and start living with your lifetime soul mate with a lovely atmosphere filled with love and joy and right then you can call it and FEEL IT HOME !

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