ways to bring more light to you room

#5 Ways to bring light to a dark room

1.Using mirrors:

if you have only one window, all you have to do is hanging a mirror across the window, the light will be reflected as it is a new window which will give your room more light.

Using mirror opposite to a window to bring light to the room


2.Choose the perfect curtain fabrics

Do NOT choose thick or dark curtains color , this will make your room look smaller and darker.You need to choose a fabric material that is think and light color which will be helping in making the room looks bigger.

I believe the best fabris for this situation is the sheer specialy when it’s in white or beige color.the sun light will go through the fabric and lights all the room.

sheer curtain fabric to bring more light to a room


3.wall color

imagine sitting in a small room and it has a navy blue wall color , the room will looks even smaller that it already is.

When having a small room we want it to look bigger, have a space in it , the colors of your wall are the most important part of this brightening a room, the more you want it bright and large the more you want light color such as , white, beige, light pink, light peach ans whatever color you paint you wall , make the room mixed with some white colors as accessories, jars , lights.

light wall color to bring more light for a grey living room



when sitting in a small the room , the more the light is high the more it will spread into the place, if you want a light bulbs that mimics the sunlight you can choose a white bulb, which will brighten your home a gives you a mood stability

as an extra light you can add Some hidden or spot lights will give a feeling that indirect light is glowing from outside.

high lights of a crystal chandelier to spread light in the room

5.Use a transparent crystal chairs:

The light can go through a glass so try using some glass chairs for the kitchen you will feel the light going through it , and you will feel as it is not taking any space in your room

see through glass chair to bring and spread light in the room

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