why you should add some green to your home?

Why you should add some green in your home?

1.It’s good for your health:

who of us doesn’t love to have a goof helath? or a nice air to breath specially when we are home? A plant in your own home can do as it can purify the air in your own home by releasing the oxogyn and obsorb carbon dioxide therefore it will removes the toxins from the air.

2.you will feel happy:

when you add a green color in your home , It will give some sort of positivity  and optimistic feeling, you will feel calm and unstressed just by looking at a green plant.So if your feeling there is something missing in your house consider adding some green and feel the change with your mood.

3.It will have a decorative home:

It is very simple your room will just look nice take a look at these below inspiration and imagine these below images without these green plant , how it will looks ?it is definitely giving extra credit to the image.

large green plant in a light room can give you good air to breath



kitchen lights design with green plant

@classyinteriors / @dmaisonsoul


green plant on a light grey living room coffee table


green plant in a bohemian look make you feel happy

@bohemiandecor / @thesill

white living room decorated with green plants

@classyinteriors /  @mystylemia

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