How to add yellow color in your home?

Yellow the color of the sunshine.Who does not love it?

Did you know that yellow color give can give you more positivity , more clarity ,happiness and joy , who of us does not want that in her home ? I guess nobody, it also can encourage your communication and helps activate your memory. so i guess adding some yellow in our homes can be pretty nice and good.

So let us bring some sunshine into your home and let us increase the level of our happiness and joyousness.

1.yellow living room:

I don’t recommend a living room with all yellow couches that will be pretty disturbing once entering to it , instead of that you can add an arm chair , this way you will be adding and trying to have a good color combination.

it is popular to see yellow with black , navy blue, gray colors as these makes the perfect color combination specially for a living room.

navy blue living room with added yellow arm chair

heart yellow rug

2. Yellow curtains:

Look at below images and try to think what do u feel, ME? mmm …I feel calm , this is really my feeling once i saw this  pic , i just fall in love with curtains it gave so much to the room as I can imagine it is all white and grey so why not to think of adding some yellow with the curtains. THINK of it.

yellow and white living room curtain

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3.In your kitchen:

I think once looking at below images you will notice the plant jars add on the window in my opinion it gave the kitchen some spirit to this room, you can also try adding yellow chairs to your kitchen specially if it is all white it will pretty good .

small yellow jars in white kitchen

4.Yellow bedding ?

Not all the bed cover should be yellow we don’t want to overuse it right?it will be pretty disturbing , so lets add some sunshine by adding a yellow pillow, yellow plant or flowers .

OR add a yellow ottoman that can give you a nice look and a comfortable siting.

yellow bedding in a bright room

large yellow ottoman for bedroom

5. last but not least …. the yellow bathroom:

yellow walls combined with a white bathroom , blue the color of water, a mirror and don’t forget the sunshine entering from your small bathroom window, this is pretty much relaxing and can release all the stress you had, just by entering and taking a shower after a long tiring day at work in this yellowish bathroom.

yellow bathroom ceramic tiles

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Always remember not to overuse any color in your home , make it simple, combine it with other color , and just FEEL IT HOME.

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