Put some blush on your home

How to apply Blush? A question you may ask it when applying some makeup , but now  it all has changed , you can the same question about you HOME.

How to make your home Blushy , adding some light pink in it can really make you have a soothing just a faltering color than can make you feel HAPPY.


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Dusty pink added with white sheets and wooden bedhead, you can say this is a girly Barbie room right? The dusty pink just a relaxing , romantic and some level positive vibes.




Blushy dusty pink combined with dark grey or its like a light black sofa

Adding this color and combining it with gold accents made the room lighter and brighter  than it could be without these two spiritual colors.

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Now take a look at this charming living room. A blushy living room without overusing of the color mixed up with light grey and gold and a little of black a look of classy , sophistication and lovely atmospthere.

@interior_delux / @interiorbyvanessa


I could not find more of comfort and relaxing bedroom look more than this.

It just a bed mattress on the floor covered with blush sheets with white and rose gold accents added all of this on a woody floor making you sleeping a blissful bedroom.


A white table ,white cabinet , black dresser, white wall all what is missing is a blush dusty pink chair jusy to add for this masterpiece a magnificent look.


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Velvet grey living room mixed up with blushy cushion and wall , I find this look very classy to welcome your guest to such a beautiful color and have a nice talk with a gold cup of tea.



Gold bedroom , a very sophisticated look suited for those who love Cleopatra but this time the look is different with these beautiful blush curtains added behind the large gold bed, a new different color added a combination for sophisticated look and a classy modern look.



So let’s make it simple , if you have a grey , beige, navy blue , white , light black and want to add some level of excitement to your lovely home , consider this blushy beautiful color to give you little of magnificently look.

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