put on your coffee table some accessories

Coffee tables accents ideas

Plain coffee table ?No,NO we don’t want that.

Have you ever observed that the first thing will catch your eyes is the coffee table , it gives so much to your living room, But we don’t want it to be just a table in the center of your room , it has to look nice , add some credit to the room so when someone enters ,it catches the eye right?

Take your time and just take a look how below people manages to arrange their coffee table just to look perfectly nice , look how much they gave their room a credit just by adding accessories to their plain coffee table.

The Crystal glass look , just by adding some glass on your coffee table will make you room look sophisticated and putting some candy , cookies, chocolates in the jars will give a simple look. a flower to give the room some spirit and romantic look added to the room by the lights of candles.

Rustic modern coffee table with crystal cookie jar and candles

@passion4interior /  @bergliotshjem


rustic modern coffee table look

@classyinteriors /  @carinascasa

 elegant coffee table with silver accents



To the Black color lovers, below inspirations made it huge , they both added a kind of large or tall vase, but at the same time they kept the simplicity in their living room look mixed it up with elegance touche with the candles.

huge black plant with candles on a coffee table

@interior_delux / @catch_a_memory

Gold and black accents on a coffee table




The simplest look of all, she just added a white vase with a light pink flowers in a greyish living room i believe this look just look so comfortable to just look at it .

Grey living room with white accents on coffee table



In all inspiration I believe the most catchy thing was the candles , the light of a candle can give you , the room , and your guest a lovely atmosphere so just do not hesitate to add some romantic look to your living room, decide what colors you want to add as accents yo your room and just add it & then FEEL IT HOME 🙂

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