thing to do in kitchen before moving in

#4 Things to do in your kitchen before moving in

So , Are you ready to get started with the kitchen ?

the kitchen is ready , you bought all needed electricity , your kitchen checklist is all checked and you are ready to move in . BUT wait there is  4 things I advice you to finish in your kitchen before moving in , try taking my advice and let the night of moving be just relaxing and comfortable.

1.remove stickers from glass :

I am sure you bought some glasses , mugs , plates that have a label or a sticker on it, I am not sure why they do this to us ? but this is so annoying right…?Don’t worry remember there is a solution for anything it is just so easy , follow below steps for easiest way to get rid of this sticker

1.Add the glass with the sticker in a hot water with soap for around 10 minutes

2.Remove the sticker so easily from the glass and traaaaah you are done 🙂

Wash it perfectly and add the glasses to the drawer or cabinet in your kitchen.     how to remove a ticker on a glass

@Check out other methods by wikiHow up all the shelves before adding any items

you don’t want to put some glasses or plates on a dirty shelves right?

So what you have to do is cleaning all shelves from every spot and dirt in it, so it will be ready to welcome your new kitchen items, try not to be lazy for doing that ,it will be tiring cleaning it all up but it will be worth it the day of moving not to start your new living with cleaning , I advice you to make you future husband help you with that it will be nice to check his cleaning skills before getting married right?:)

3.make sure all electricity works

You don’t want to wake up the next day of moving , open the fridge and ooops it’s not working all food you brought is gone, SO before moving check all the appliances you have , and have a sweet dreamz.

4.wash all glasses , plates…. Before adding them to the drawers and shelves.

you already cleaned up the shelves and drawers , removed every sticker added to a glass so what is the next step , wash all the items you bought for your new home before adding it up to the shelves.This step is stressful I know how it looks like all boxes filled with plates , glasses, pots, pans you have to wash them up, so divide your days , don’t do it all in one day that will be much easier, you can divide your kitchen items and wash each group in different days.



Wash all yout kitchen items before adding to the shelves


As an advice try to make these thing before 3-4 days only so when you finally move in everything will be cleaned and you don’t have to repeat all the work already done.

An always remember when working on such tiring things to FEEL IT HOME.

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