comfy corner chair

A comfy chair & a blanket

A Story of this season in an arm chair a blanket and a cup of hot tea.

It is winter outside , we are praying to god to let it snow so we can have a 5 days’ vacation with only a blanket , light candles and cups of tea to get us some heat.What Is more beautiful than this scene, a family gathered all around a table playing cards , telling jokes or remembering some funny old moments .

This is what winter and snow is all about here in Jordan , we just wait wait and wait and pray to god to let it snow, so we recreate those beautiful memories from the last snow.

Now winter is gone , and it’s spring out there , but I know somewhere where you are reading this article might be cold outside and all you need right now is a cup of tea , a comfy arm chair and a blanket.

Take a look at one of my favorite’s Amazon arm chair and blanket to let your winter just feel great.


White comfy chair with a dusty pink throw blanket

@passion4interior/  @trineroed


Winter cozy arm chair corner with light lanterns and a throw blanket

@passion4interior/  @catch_a_memory

White chair reading corner

@classyinteriors /  @miss_susie_and_the_bandits

black comfy chair with a beige blanket

Very nice cozy warm corners just to cuddle down and think of your life, read a book , or drink a cup of tea, But now let us add some fun to this cozy corner in your house by colors ….Check out below ideas that i just made from Amazon product for a cozy warm corner. And let me know what do you think ?

Furry cozy corner with some gold charcoal blue touches

Get This look :

1.Charcoal fabric recliner arm chair   2.Faux fur throw blanket   3.Classic nesting gold side table  4. Blue table lamp 5.Decorative hanging wall mirror   6.Hanging planter vase   7.Gold Little Seeds Metallic Ottoman    8.Areca Palm Decorative Silk Tree with Basket





Yellow warm home corner

Get this look:

1.Printed Slipcover Recliner Cover.  2.Brand antique black metal lantern chandelier   3. Set of three yellow Tuscan tile frame   4.Yellow side table   5.Silver grey throw blanket   6.Fake silk bouquet flower   7.Tall black vase


Orange rustic corner

Get this look:

 1.Orange Homelegance Lucille Fabric Upholstered Pub Barrel Chair   2.Velvet beige throw blanket 3.Six-light Rustic Chandelier   4.Industrial wire accent lamp  5.Wood& metal rustic modern side table  6.Corner ladder garden shelves   7.Love string art & wood wall sign   8. Tall honey Asian willow bunch 9. Black vase

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