Leave chemicals & start inventing your cleaning spray.

I want my house to be clean , I want it to be fresh , look fresh , smell good … this is what every woman wants her home to be and look like.
We all use chemicals that really smell good , we stop at this chemicals array in any supermarket and start choosing for the smell we want it to be spreaded in our home.
BUT, and remember there is always a “BUT” …. A new study had been published as this “cleaning chemicals has an impact on lungs healthy that can be compared with a 20 cigarettes a day”.
OMG imagine cleaning and smoking on the same day what will my lungs look like!! Scientist say you can replace it with a microfiber cloth(check out why) or  for an extra option we can go for STOP cleaning?(we all dream about that)
But the answer is NO. STOP using chemicals , you can create your own with the smell you want, and I will show you how:
Vinegar is the safest ingredient you can use as cleanser for your own home , the only disadvantage is it’s smell, so what we do is adding any scent you like lemon, thyme, lavender, orange….etc
You will need:
* one tablespoon baking soda
*one tablespoon castile soap
*five drops of tea tree oil
*lemon or any other essential oil (optional)

how to create you own cleaning spray and stop using chemicals cleanser

How to do it?
Bring a spray bottle , fill it with the baking soda, castile soap. Tea tree oil and lemon oil , fill the rest of the bottle with water , SHAKE IT , SHAKE IT, and start cleaning.

May your home always be clean. Fresh and safe 

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