Microfiber cleaning cloth

Why your cleaning cloth should be Microfiber?

You are cleaning your home almost every day , you think you have a safe healthy home with no dirt or germs but fortunately this is not the issue here , what we all do is using chemical cleanings that is spread in our home while we can GO healthy and use other option like a Microfiber cloth.

Why you should throw your cleaning cloth and start using microfiber cloth?

“They have teeny-tiny ‘hooks’ at the end of each fiber that pick up dust, dirt, even germs,” says Donna Smallin Kuper, certified house cleaning technician.

All what you have to do is to spritz the cloth with a little water and start erasing fingerprints on your glass door, or some dust dirt on your coffee table, cleaning your mirrors so easily without getting you arm ripped off while cleaning it.

What we all need to do is to be capturing the soil from home rooms not to spread it around, so i will advice with something i read about and i just see it so helpful , is to buy multi colors microfiber cloth and to divide each color with things or room you clean, this way the dust you capture will be not flying from your living room to the kitchen and you will be organizing your cleaning strategy rightly.

No chemicals are needed when using such cloths you only need water

How to clean a microfiber cloth?

This is the easiest part that you hear in your cleaning journey, Just drop it in your washing machine and once ready you can clean your home again.

May your house be always Clean & healthy and your always FEEL IT HOME.

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