Bathroom farmhouse best finds

farmhouse bathroom accents

Check this out , a farmhouse rustic accents for your bathroom.

I find these accents will just look great especially if you have a dull white bathroom with some vintage touch you can add some of these accents and it will make it completed.

my favorite item is the toothbrush holder which you can order from it many  , and put it in your home for multi used. you can use it in your bathroom as a toothbrush holder , or in you hallway as a flower holders , in you bedroom as a straighter holder , you can just make this up.

my second favorite one is the farmhouse shelves , I think I love them because i have a small bathroom with no enough space on floor to put any cabinet , so why not using the wall, put these shelves add on them whichever you want , paper towels , bathroom perfume , decoration , face wash…you choose.

so Now if you are wondering what your bathroom style should look like , and you have a simple , rustic lover personality  go for a farmhouse style and choose one of my favorite finds on amazon for your beautiful bathroom.

Choose your favorite

   farmhouse bath vanityfarmhouse towel holdersfarmhouse mirror lightsfarmhouse vintage bathroom mirrorfarmhouse light fixturefarmhouse bathroom signfarmhouse bathroom tooth holder on wall             bathroom carpetsfarmhouse bathroom ladder for towels

Let me know which item is your favorite 🙂

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