Steps to make your home full of memories

We all love memories , some of make us laugh , some make us cry , and some  makes us want so many memories with someone we love , we love making and creating memories with this special one , it should be a friend , a family , a husband , wife.
For whoever you love ,start creating memories.
I have to admit it , I sometime hate technology I do really hate it since social media and digital camera , smart phones launches I personally stopped seeing real images in our home , it is all saved on a laptop or in flash memory dropped in one of the drawers and we forgot about it , this is so sad.

Check these out this is me when I was a little kid i guess i was here around 2 or 3 years old.



Do you remember that old camera we used to take photos with it , it has a film you can see the images before print it out .I assume u stopped seeing that camera also , and if you are too young you probably did not see it at all.
But every thing has a solution, so stop throwing your memories in USB or in an old cellphone , old laptop start saving those beautiful precious memories in your home.

I suggest making it a one year plan, at least once a year collect all your beautiful memories and print them all, you will feel something beautiful once you hold a picture with your hand , you will feel how much precious this paper is to you.

1.Buy an album or a notebook you can post your images on it.

one of the most amazing time I spent with my family is when me and my two sisters get all the albums when we were just a little kids and start seeing us from the moment we were born in the hospital, first time we got a shower , first time going to school…ans so on, we just sit there looking and these photos and wonder how much now we have grown.

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2.Buy beautiful frames.

buy beautiful frames sets and , add your images and hang them on your wall, you will just get that nice feeling when seeing your beautiful memories hanging on your wall and you just can get back to that by one glance.

Check out the frame set for to hang on all your memories on your wall the Polaroid camera:

I honestly like this invention , by one click on create and save your memories, I am thinking of buying this camera before traveling I think it would be nice to get the photo right away.

Get it now from Amazon and start creating and saving memories with a just on click

Hang your picture in your home , beside your bed, over the couch , in the doorway everywhere in your house put an image for a memory or people you love.
So when you look at these picture you will smile, maybe miss someone, even if you cry don’t remove it because this was a nice day when you took that picture.

DON’T let your smart phone KILL your memories, make them LIVE and start printing them.

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