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Teal your dining room

You are  rustic style person, you have many wood colors in your home but you feel there is something missing with it , I will let you know the right answer…..TEAL IT.

I have created a design style for your dining room and chose some products from amazon, check them out…you can just click on any product you love and you will be directed to amazon website.

So, lets begin, the teal color goes just perfectly with woods, in this design style I added two perfectly match colors that would go amazing in your rustic style home ,Teal color and gold….check it and SHOP THIS LOOK.

rustic wood dining table

teal color dining table chair

Add a dining room cabinet for the look ,I believe this piece is very important in your room , you can add all your dining room essentials in this cabinet , from dinnerware, napkins, cutlery sets…etc

rustic wood dining room cabinet


if you want to make the look completed you can add your dinnerware on your dining table instead of a centerpiece, I chose these beautiful coastal blue set for your table to match your teal chairs… what do you think?


coastal blue dining ware

dining table heat resistance

NOW, the gold section , A cage gold chandelier standing right above your dining table giving it some classy and modern look, in the design I added two of them as the table is rectangle and would go nice, you can add only one to be center aligned.

gold cage chandelier

gold and white side lamp

entrance gold mirror

Don;t let your room have no spirit , add some flowers or plants beside your table to give the room some positive energy for you and your guests.orchid flowers



Last but not least, after you teal your dining room , prepare some nice dinner , make some family gathering and enjoy your meal.

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