Extra home accents

Extra home accents you will love to have

You furnished your home , you have all needed items that you must have in any home , but what if you have an extra’s that will just make you more comfortable , happy and relaxed? I think this is a worth thinking question .

So , if you already have all must have items , now it’s the time to take a look for an extra home accents that you will definitely will love to have at your beautiful home.

1.Hanging chair:

look how pretty is the look for this hanging chair in your bedroom or living room , you just hang in it and turn around or swing as much as you want , or you can sleep in it too.

I see this item is a perfect extra for your home, take a look at below image as an inspiration , and linked some swinh hanging chairs from amazon too.

@classyinteriors / @marzena.marideko

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2.laptop bed table:

you can call it laptop bed table , breakfast table , writing table , name it whatever you want , I find it very helpful specially if you like to work in your bed , this way you don’t have to bend your neck while working , the laptop will be in front of your eyes which will make you more productive and in less neck pain.

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3.Cushion lap desk:

I personally don’t have a desk at my home , so I used to put a real cushion on my lap and hang the laptop over it , which make it swing all time and me not relaxed at all , I just love the person who invented this cushion lap desk, it makes the laptop heat away from your legs and make you feel like you actually have a real desk in your house.


cushion lap desk

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Remove wrinkles from all your clothes, it is a very useful device specially for men suites , or your satin shirts.

just hang it on , and start steaming the wrinkles away without the use of any iron.

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5.Towel warmer:

Why not having a ladder in your bathroom just to warm your towels after taking a shower, a very useful and helpful tool specially in winter season.

standing or hanging towel heater

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you don’t have only to warm or heat your towels , you can also heat your blanket or robe.

in winter we heat the towels or robe and then head of to the shower it will just give you a nice feeling to warm yourself with a heated towel or robe after getting cold .

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Now, heading to the kitchen , fry , grill , bake with the less amount of oil , this is really a healthy choice for your kitchen and an easy going way to finish your cooking fast.

fryer from amazon

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So , what do you think of these extra’s ? let me know if you have any extra that you love to have.


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