More than one use for your toothbrush

Have you ever looked at your toothbrush and though mmm how can use I use it for other thing?

Once hearing of a tooth brush , the second thing you think about is a paste and your teeth are getting cleaned right? but this is not the only use for your toothbrush , there several ways you can get benefit of from your used brush or even a new one…..let’s start with:

1.Cleaning for small little things:

What are these little thing that can be cleaned with this used toothbrush:

  • Jewelry
  • Your hairdryer
  • Your keyboard
  • Your shoes
  • Your bike chains
  • your little cute puppy


2.Cleaning your shoes or even you can dye it with other colors

what I hate the most that always my shoes specially the white one get so dirty easily , the easy way to clean it is by using a toothbrush put on it some soap and water and just brush your shoes until it’s clean.

dye a shoes with a toothbrush

3.Give it to your kids to paint

Just try giving your kid a toothbrush , water colors , and wait for the magical art to be drawn on a piece of paper.

toothbrush art for kids

4. Highlight your hair roots:

Not in the mood to go to the salon , and you have a toothbrush , so why not highlighting your roots while enjoying staying at home .

tothbrush for dying your hair roots


5.Put some spray on the toothbrush to rinse your flying baby hair:

so when it is the time of getting rid of your old toothbrush , stop what you are doing and start rinsing your flying baby hair with it , all you  have to do is putting some hair spray on it and rinse your hair easily and get the perfect look

rinse your baby hair with toothbrush

6.Exfoliate your dead skin

what is worth than a dead skin , so why not exfoliate it with a easy find brush , make your favorite scrub or by a new one , and exfoliate your dead skin using a toothbrush


exfoliate dead skin with toothbrush

7.Brush your little cute puppy:

toothbrush for your dog


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