Have some tropical vibes in your home

Have some Tropical vibes

Do you have a dull home , that all what you feel is there is no spirit in this living room or you ask yourself what should I do for my bedroom to look nicer?

I am going to give an inspiration…..have some TROPICAL vibes. I believe that you don’t have to live in a tropical beach house to have this look in your house , personally I live in a city that has no sea or lake in it , all what we have building with flats we live in it , so I have a lack for this kind of atmosphere, if you are like me give it some nice tropical atmosphere and try adding a wallpaper , throw pillows , or some tropical decorations.

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If you have a white or beige living room sofa , try adding some tropical cushions for the look , you will feel relaxed just by adding some greens in your home , take a look at below cushions inspiration from Amazon, I think they just look amazing for a dull room.

tropical throw pillows

Now if you already arranged all your room , and you have the walls empty , then there is something missing , I chose below stunning tropical frames painting that you can add wherever you want , on any wall you feel it lacking of something.

Below frames have the look of a tropical country yet , I feel they give some feeling of peace around the room.you can click on the image to direct you to Amazon to check them out.

To convince you more about the tropical vibes in a home , I collected some tropical looks, check them out:

tropical home inspirations

Below images are some tropical designs from Amazon finds that i made to inspire you more with these beautiful vibes around your home. click on the image to direct you to the blog post with all products details.

Tropical modern living room

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