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    More than one use for your toothbrush

    Have you ever looked at your toothbrush and though mmm how can use I use it for other thing? Once hearing of a tooth brush , the second thing you think about is a paste and your teeth are getting cleaned right? but this is not the only use for your toothbrush , there several ways you can get benefit of from your used brush or even a new one…..let’s start with: 1.Cleaning for small little things: What are these little thing that can be cleaned with this used toothbrush: Jewelry Your hairdryer Your keyboard Your shoes Your bike chains your little cute puppy   2.Cleaning your shoes or even…

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    Steps to make your home full of memories

    We all love memories , some of make us laugh , some make us cry , and some  makes us want so many memories with someone we love , we love making and creating memories with this special one , it should be a friend , a family , a husband , wife. For whoever you love ,start creating memories. I have to admit it , I sometime hate technology I do really hate it since social media and digital camera , smart phones launches I personally stopped seeing real images in our home , it is all saved on a laptop or in flash memory dropped in one of…

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

    Why your cleaning cloth should be Microfiber?

    You are cleaning your home almost every day , you think you have a safe healthy home with no dirt or germs but fortunately this is not the issue here , what we all do is using chemical cleanings that is spread in our home while we can GO healthy and use other option like a Microfiber cloth. Why you should throw your cleaning cloth and start using microfiber cloth? “They have teeny-tiny ‘hooks’ at the end of each fiber that pick up dust, dirt, even germs,” says Donna Smallin Kuper, certified house cleaning technician. All what you have to do is to spritz the cloth with a little water…

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    Leave chemicals & start inventing your cleaning spray.

    I want my house to be clean , I want it to be fresh , look fresh , smell good … this is what every woman wants her home to be and look like. We all use chemicals that really smell good , we stop at this chemicals array in any supermarket and start choosing for the smell we want it to be spreaded in our home. BUT, and remember there is always a “BUT” …. A new study had been published as this “cleaning chemicals has an impact on lungs healthy that can be compared with a 20 cigarettes a day”. OMG imagine cleaning and smoking on the same…

  • thing to do in kitchen before moving in

    #4 Things to do in your kitchen before moving in

    So , Are you ready to get started with the kitchen ? the kitchen is ready , you bought all needed electricity , your kitchen checklist is all checked and you are ready to move in . BUT wait there is  4 things I advice you to finish in your kitchen before moving in , try taking my advice and let the night of moving be just relaxing and comfortable. 1.remove stickers from glass : I am sure you bought some glasses , mugs , plates that have a label or a sticker on it, I am not sure why they do this to us ? but this is so…

  • why you should add some green to your home?

    Why you should add some green in your home?

    1.It’s good for your health: who of us doesn’t love to have a goof helath? or a nice air to breath specially when we are home? A plant in your own home can do as it can purify the air in your own home by releasing the oxogyn and obsorb carbon dioxide therefore it will removes the toxins from the air. 2.you will feel happy: when you add a green color in your home , It will give some sort of positivity  and optimistic feeling, you will feel calm and unstressed just by looking at a green plant.So if your feeling there is something missing in your house consider adding…

  • ways to bring more light to you room

    #5 Ways to bring light to a dark room

    1.Using mirrors: if you have only one window, all you have to do is hanging a mirror across the window, the light will be reflected as it is a new window which will give your room more light. www.countryliving.co.uk 2.Choose the perfect curtain fabrics Do NOT choose thick or dark curtains color , this will make your room look smaller and darker.You need to choose a fabric material that is think and light color which will be helping in making the room looks bigger. I believe the best fabris for this situation is the sheer specialy when it’s in white or beige color.the sun light will go through the fabric…