• Microfiber cleaning cloth

    Why your cleaning cloth should be Microfiber?

    You are cleaning your home almost every day , you think you have a safe healthy home with no dirt or germs but fortunately this is not the issue here , what we all do is using chemical cleanings that is spread in our home while we can GO healthy and use other option like a Microfiber cloth. Why you should throw your cleaning cloth and start using microfiber cloth? “They have teeny-tiny ‘hooks’ at the end of each fiber that pick up dust, dirt, even germs,” says Donna Smallin Kuper, certified house cleaning technician. All what you have to do is to spritz the cloth with a little water…

  • Tips

    Leave chemicals & start inventing your cleaning spray.

    I want my house to be clean , I want it to be fresh , look fresh , smell good … this is what every woman wants her home to be and look like. We all use chemicals that really smell good , we stop at this chemicals array in any supermarket and start choosing for the smell we want it to be spreaded in our home. BUT, and remember there is always a “BUT” …. A new study had been published as this “cleaning chemicals has an impact on lungs healthy that can be compared with a 20 cigarettes a day”. OMG imagine cleaning and smoking on the same…

  • comfy corner chair

    A comfy chair & a blanket

    A Story of this season in an arm chair a blanket and a cup of hot tea. It is winter outside , we are praying to god to let it snow so we can have a 5 days’ vacation with only a blanket , light candles and cups of tea to get us some heat.What Is more beautiful than this scene, a family gathered all around a table playing cards , telling jokes or remembering some funny old moments . This is what winter and snow is all about here in Jordan , we just wait wait and wait and pray to god to let it snow, so we recreate those…

  • thing to do in kitchen before moving in

    #4 Things to do in your kitchen before moving in

    So , Are you ready to get started with the kitchen ? the kitchen is ready , you bought all needed electricity , your kitchen checklist is all checked and you are ready to move in . BUT wait there is  4 things I advice you to finish in your kitchen before moving in , try taking my advice and let the night of moving be just relaxing and comfortable. 1.remove stickers from glass : I am sure you bought some glasses , mugs , plates that have a label or a sticker on it, I am not sure why they do this to us ? but this is so…

  • put on your coffee table some accessories

    Coffee tables accents ideas

    Plain coffee table ?No,NO we don’t want that. Have you ever observed that the first thing will catch your eyes is the coffee table , it gives so much to your living room, But we don’t want it to be just a table in the center of your room , it has to look nice , add some credit to the room so when someone enters ,it catches the eye right? Take your time and just take a look how below people manages to arrange their coffee table just to look perfectly nice , look how much they gave their room a credit just by adding accessories to their plain…

  • green velvet sofa living room design
    Check My style

    Elegance in velvet green

      Shop this look If you like any item just click on it and you will be directed to the resource …..Have a nice shopping 🙂 If you like this style design pop your comment below and let me know 🙂

  • Inspiration

    Lighten your sweet home

    What is home without lights? let’s take it like this a home is like a personality and what is your personality without emotion, NOTHING. so let us personalize your home give it some senses with your mood lights. A lot of moods can pop up in your head when trying to furnish and customize your own home , you will find yourself in love with different style but BE YOU and decide what you really like your mood home to be ? 1. Rustic modern mood? if you like wood , vintage things , ancient history ,simplicity, country lifestyle then these light fixtures are the right choice for your personality…

  • Inspiration

    Put some blush on your home

    How to apply Blush? A question you may ask it when applying some makeup , but now  it all has changed , you can the same question about you HOME. How to make your home Blushy , adding some light pink in it can really make you have a soothing feeling.it just a faltering color than can make you feel HAPPY.   @kristinestien /  @kristingronas   Dusty pink added with white sheets and wooden bedhead, you can say this is a girly Barbie room right? The dusty pink just a relaxing , romantic and some level positive vibes. @kristinestien     Blushy dusty pink combined with dark grey or its…