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    Goldish living room

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    How to add yellow color in your home?

    Yellow the color of the sunshine.Who does not love it? Did you know that yellow color give can give you more positivity , more clarity ,happiness and joy , who of us does not want that in her home ? I guess nobody, it also can encourage your communication and helps activate your memory. so i guess adding some yellow in our homes can be pretty nice and good. So let us bring some sunshine into your home and let us increase the level of our happiness and joyousness. 1.yellow living room: I don’t recommend a living room with all yellow couches that will be pretty disturbing once entering to it…

  • why you should add some green to your home?

    Why you should add some green in your home?

    1.It’s good for your health: who of us doesn’t love to have a goof helath? or a nice air to breath specially when we are home? A plant in your own home can do as it can purify the air in your own home by releasing the oxogyn and obsorb carbon dioxide therefore it will removes the toxins from the air. 2.you will feel happy: when you add a green color in your home , It will give some sort of positivity  and optimistic feeling, you will feel calm and unstressed just by looking at a green plant.So if your feeling there is something missing in your house consider adding…

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    Get to know me better

    Hellooooo there 🙂 Let me tell you this, I was bored enough to search on google what should I do while sitting home? Yes that was the question sadly! I am Christine from Jordan. I got married last year in the 28th of July to the love of my life Zaid , we knew each other for 7 years until we finally tied the knot in our most beautiful day to remember for the rest of our lives. The sad part is that Zaid is in Qatar and am still living with my parents and my two little sister Natalie & Jessica (btw am the bigger one) until the residency…

  • ways to bring more light to you room

    #5 Ways to bring light to a dark room

    1.Using mirrors: if you have only one window, all you have to do is hanging a mirror across the window, the light will be reflected as it is a new window which will give your room more light. www.countryliving.co.uk 2.Choose the perfect curtain fabrics Do NOT choose thick or dark curtains color , this will make your room look smaller and darker.You need to choose a fabric material that is think and light color which will be helping in making the room looks bigger. I believe the best fabris for this situation is the sheer specialy when it’s in white or beige color.the sun light will go through the fabric…