Your Home Checklist

Are you excited for this step?

A step into a NEW life, NEW chapter And a NEW HOME.

Below steps will be helping you to start hunting and organizing your house until you finally FEEL IT HOME.

What does any house consist of ? room right? yes but remember each room will be a place for new memories to be created…

 1.the kitchen :

where you can happily cook for your husband the first meal after moving, unless you don’t cook and you will order delivery .but you will be still in for need the kitchen to eat in it right? room :

which I consider it the most important room in the house, can you imagine how much this room will be the evidence for all what you are going through in your new life as husband and wife, you will be having lovely and romantic moment, fighting with each other for a silly things like why he left his beard hair in the stink ? why all his shoes all around the place? Why he forgot to bring you a gift ? why and why and why.but always remember to create memories and make it funny after at least one day.

3.The bedroom:

where love is made, in this bedroom you will doing two important things,loving each other , and loving for sleep , you choose.

4.The Bathroom:

in the side of this room I believe all the talented will be discovered, I am sure one of you will discover that he/she loves to sing and the other will be nervous of the other voice, but the most important thing is to go out of it and you are relaxed.

Now let’s take it seriously and start working from transferring a house to a places called HOME.